Advocacy Activities

The Three2Six Project believes that it is important for refugee children to have the opportunity to share their experiences, stories and opinions in their own voices. It is however important that this is done in a safe way, ensuring their privacy and dignity are respected. Each year the Three2Six Project offers the children an opportunity to participate in an advocacy activity where they can express themselves and share a little of their story with you in the hope of increasing tolerance, understanding, inclusion and ultimately a celebration of diversity.


Precieuse is a story about a refugee’s journey from their home country to South Africa. This particular story is a collaboration of experiences written and produced by our Three2Six learners. Precieuse’s story was developed during the 2013 Holiday Program using a stop-gap animation process facilitated by Mindburst.

Journey with an Artist

During some of our Holiday Programs our children explored their own experiences and the theme of children’s rights through a workshop process with an artist. Their pieces are shared through the art books ‘Refugee Stories’, ‘A sense of self, a sense of place’, and ‘Migrating Imaginations’.

Musical Theatre Challenge

Three2Six Learners participated in a musical theatre challenge in 2014, in association with Minimax Performing Arts and facilitated by Mindburst.

A Sense of Self

Art by Refugee Children. Three2Six Refugee Education Project, Sacred Heart College, Marist Observatory, Three 2 Six Refugees, Children Art Book, Social Justice, 2014.