September edition is available! During September we faced various challenges given the xenophobic attacks that took place in Johannesburg but this didn’t stop us from delivering on our mission. In our Three2Six newsletter, you will find out more about the various activities that were carried out for the children and

In August, the projects activities was a bit slower than the usual as two of our campuses were on holiday, but we still have some exciting articles to share with you: a video of the project, athletics day at Holy Family College campus and other activities and events for our

It’s online the Three2Six Newsletter with our project activities in June. This month we had various activities including visits from partners, our participation in events, farewells to volunteers and our invitation to a special visit to the UN. Enjoy!

Kitoko is a word in the Lingala language that means “beautiful”. The children from the Three2Six Project have chosen the word to be the name of the educommunication project developed by the volunteers with them. The project aims to stimulate the critical thinking of the children and their protagonist, as