Off with the training wheels…

Off with the training wheels…

Today, our Grade 6 Learners, practiced and learned how to ride a bicycle, some for the first time. By providing this training, we give our learners an opportunity to be active and to learn a vital life skill, one that will hopefully become commonplace in their communities.

In the near future, the Project and headed by Sacred Heart, plan to implement a program that would see the safety of the suburbs that are most dangerous for our children, made safer. The program would employ local individuals to act as security, trained to spot and protect our children and keep the routes they take to school comfortable and safe.

The implementation of this program will help to change the dynamic of surrounding suburbs, an environment where a child can ride freely on the streets and not feel in danger at any time.

More updates on that to come, for now, enjoy some photographs of our learners and their cycling adventure! A big thankyou to Andrew and Sarah for helping instruct our Kids!








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