Sacred Heart College is a Catholic Marist school, following the guiding principles of its founder St Marcellin Champagnat and his followers, the Marist Brothers. Central to the educational philosophy of Sacred Heart College is the premise (belief) that “to teach children, you must first love them, and love them all equally” (St Marcellin). This is not a “soft” philosophy of laisse-faire, but one in which clear guidance and education are offered on a basis of compassion, justice, dignity, respect for diversity and commitment to excellence.

While sensitivity and deep respect for diverse faiths and cultures are fostered, Marist teaching is firmly founded in gospel values and the life and teaching of the Christian faith are celebrated through masses, assemblies, educational programmes and outreach projects. Sacred Heart College founded the Three2Six Project in 2008. It currently hosts 3 Three2Six classes and a total of 75 Three2Six learners.