Three2Six Team

The backbone of our team are our Three2Six teachers and coordinators/administrators, who have themselves sought refuge in South Africa. For their privacy we do not list their names here, however we wish to recognize publicly the importance of their role and contribution to Three2Six.


Three2Six runs on as lean a budget as possible, allowing us to provide a quality programme for as many refugee children as possible. Each year we have dozens of local and international volunteers assist us in the project, from weekly high school volunteers, to volunteers in our holiday programmes and others who give up to a year of their lives to come and serve our children.

Project Wide Staff

Charlotte Margerit

Project Manager

Nthabiseng Seane

Partnerships Officer

Katja Korhonen

Research Officer

Lethabong Khalo

Finance Officer


Monitoring & Evaluation Intern

Erica Penfold

Communications Officer

Tony Nteka

IT Administrator

Sacred Heart College Volunteers

Jakob Mauser

Project Assistant

Observatory Girls Primary School  Volunteer


Project Assistant

Holy Family College Volunteers

Gianpaolo Risi

Project Assistant


The Sacred Heart College Executive Team is responsible for the Three2Six Project. It reports to the Sacred Heart College Board, which meets seven times per year and provides governance oversight for the Three2Six Project. The board comprises parents of the school, school staff, Marist brothers. The Sacred Heart College Board in turn reports to the Marist Schools Council, which is responsible for the five Marist Brothers schools in South Africa.